“I was in an auto accident and wasn’t quite sure what to do. A friend suggested Dr. Schlein and I can’t tell you how happy I am that he did.
Whiplash Injury Clinics has everything you could possibly want. The comprehensive nature of their care was the key to my recovery. I am 100% out of pain. I was even able to treat my injuries without any out of pocket expense. -Rose


Dr. Stuart Schlein,

I want you to know that I appreciate  the outstanding results achieved within the short period of time since I’ve been a patient of yours.  I would like to share my positive experience with others who may also be suffering as I was.  -Georgia

“I had never been in an accident before, and was unsure about what I should do. I found Whiplash Injury Clinics online. They allowed me to come into the office the same day I called. Although I was nervous their staff was very patient and walked me through every step. The treatment was amazing and I was back on my feet in no time. Not to mention with a nice settlement in my pocket. I can’t thank Dr. Schlein enough.” – Jason Brewer


“After searching several sites I came across this one. It looked very bright, inviting and after reading the first page I knew they were place to call. I had no money and they still saw me the first visit. I was able to meet up with an excellent attorney who helped me receive the most from my case. I definitely made the right choice.” -Lauren


“My wife and I were involved in a multi vehicle accident, we were pedestrians. Although we didn’t know anything could be done about it. The people at Whiplash Injury Clinics gave me great care and set me up with a skilled lawyer that knew about those types of cases. We were able to get our medical bills paid and receive a nice amount for our pain and suffering.” – T. Williams


“I went to two different clinics before I found Dr. Schlein, both of them seemed more concerned with lawyers and my cases then they were with getting me healthy again. Dr. Schlein and his staff treated me like I was special. I wasn’t the easiest patient but they didn’t give up on me. I can finally say things are getting back to normal in my life. Thanks” – Angel Jordan

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